2017 Steamworks








Game Description:

The 2017 game brings us back to brass and boilers, where robots must help their alliance's pilots take flight! Robots will have to deliver gears to the pilots of their alliance's airship in order to turn a succession of rotors, as well as feed fuel into a boiler building up steampower. As everyone prepares their top hats and goggles, teams will be building the automatons every steampunk inventor dreams of!



Design Solution:

For this year's robot, our strategy includes delivering gears to the airship, feeding fuel into the high efficiency goal of the boiler, and climbing the rope at the end of the match. We are prototyping and testing many different ideas for mechanisms, and we have high hopes as we work through our design challenges!

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What is FIRST?

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recylce rush

This Year's Robot

Look at this year's game and what we've planned for our robot.

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Dr. Wood Memoria

Dr. Wood Memorial

One of our beloved mentors passed away August 2014. Here's our memorial in honor of his memory.

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